With an apprenticeship, your students can kick-start their working lives by earning and learning. They could even get a degree.


Apprenticeships are for young people of all abilities who want to get into the world of work and gain skills, experience and qualifications on the job. With some apprenticeships, students can gain a degree.

So it’s worth encouraging your students to think about the sort of career they want and which route might be the best to help them achieve this – it might not be what they expect.


You may be surprised by the huge variety of apprenticeships available across England offered by leading businesses of all sizes, including household names such as Lloyds Banking Group, Rolls Royce, BBC, IBM, Unilever and Airbus.

Below are just a few of the many companies that appreciate how beneficial apprentices are to their business.

“Some 87% of graduating apprentices from the last 10 years are still working within the business, 38% promoted at least once, demonstrating a clear link to how the apprenticeship programme strengthens our workforce capabilities and provides business leaders.

Our apprenticeships benefit BAE Systems, providing a critical talent pipeline of motivated and qualified individuals. The apprentice benefits through above average remuneration whilst training with real career opportunities.”

– BAE Systems

“From humble beginnings with a handful of apprentices, our apprenticeship programme now spans nearly the entire bank. Everywhere you look, we’re creating new leaders who will know our bank inside out.”

– Barclays Bank

“Apprentices have increased our staff headcount and turnover significantly throughout the years and they have proved to be an invaluable tool for our growth then and now.”

– KeyBridge IT Solutions

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